Strategic consulting for investors and private organisations to help meet objectives and capture opportunities

Leven Consulting solves your most complex market entry challenges with intelligent and creative strategies to produce long-lasting value growth. We deliver industry-specific solutions for SMEs, corporations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profits and organisations in the public sector. Our team of market experts are motivated to help you reach your financial and business goals while maintaining a strong competitive edge in your sector.

Our professional services centre on market entry strategy and market research to expand your global reach, launch a new product or service, enter a new market, improve performance and transform your business. We focus on delivering actionable strategies that tap into local insights, consumer demands and shifting global economies to build a comprehensive overview of your target markets. Our versatile capabilities allow us to provide data-driven insights and proprietary market research that work alongside our exclusive networking opportunities and larger strategic improvements.

Leven Consulting takes your organisation to the next level with comprehensive growth strategies that produce real results.