Our advisory services focus on market research and market entry. Our services can be contracted as a comprehensive package or as individually services to address all of your organisation’s diverse needs.

Market Entry

Our main objective during a market entry project is to reach sustainable market success. No matter if your project involves introducing a new product or service or investing in a foreign market, we offer the support you need to gain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term profit gains. We accomplish this through a flexible approach that is tailored to your specific market and customer profiles within a larger economic perspective.

Our market entry strategies are designed to take advantage of new financial and business opportunities and capitalise on gaps in existing markets. For investors, we maximise your return through insights gained from our network of investor groups, industry experts and market specialists. We aim to minimise risks through concrete risk management tactics that protect both your current assets and future endeavours.

Market Research

A solid market entry strategy is only as effective as the data behind it. We provide in-house market research and data collection that analyses information and evaluates prospects in the short and long-term. Through a complete overview of the market’s structure, main players, competitive landscape and influential stakeholders, we gain a deep understanding of the current market shape and outlook for future development.

Our market research services are two-fold: identification and analysis. We first identify the norms of the market, such as prominent players, businesses, sales models, products, marketing techniques and pricing. Second, we analyse the probability of market success, market challenges, legal issues, leading technologies and consumer habits in order to draft a direct-to-market strategy. Keeping in mind your core objectives, we determine whether the market research that we have collected supports a successful investment or business venture.